Get Your Mercedes Service on Central Coast without Going to the Dealership: Count on Our Mercedes Specialists at German Autowerks

Mercedes make terrific cars: beautiful, classic, durable, safe, and packed with attractive features. Unfortunately, when a Mercedes car does need a service, the cost of the work leans towards the higher end of the spectrum. These highly priced services are especially common if you take your car to the dealership for a Mercedes service.

The Myth of the Dealership Service

Many car owners—not just of Mercedes vehicles, but of all makes and models—are wary of getting their automobiles served by non-dealers. Some people assume that third party companies won’t have the skills, experience, or spare parts necessary to provide an exemplary service. Others might even think that they will void their manufacturer’s warranty by getting the car serviced by anyone who isn’t a dealership technician.

Both beliefs are myths.

Firstly, if you need a Mercedes service on the Central Coast, you have a right to take your car anywhere you please. Dealership technicians are trained in the designs, features and maintenance routines of Mercedes vehicles. However, they are by no means the only people capable of servicing a Mercedes car. There are other places where you can work with experienced technicians to get your vehicle serviced—without voiding your warranty.

Secondly, dealership service, maintenance and repair costs are almost always considerably higher than what you will pay elsewhere. Particularly for routine service, there is no real advantage to paying these higher rates. You would be much better off finding a third party Central Coast Mercedes specialist and getting your car serviced there. In the clear majority of cases, you will pay less for a service that is either identical or remarkably similar to the service you would get at the dealership.

Choose German Autowerks as Your Central Coast Mercedes Specialist

If you are tired of paying dealership prices and are looking for an alternative Mercedes service on the Central Coast area, give us a call at German Autowerks. We have been servicing vehicles from Mercedes, Audi, VW, and BMW since 2002. Our technicians are not just Mercedes specialists; they are German car specialists—and factory trained ones at that! We know what makes these cars tick and what is necessary to keep them running like a dream for years after you drive them off the lot. In short, we can provide dealership-level knowledge at a fraction of the cost.

A Mercedes is a luxury vehicle, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay luxury prices for simple services such as oil changes or brake pad checks. At German Autowerks, we provide affordable service for your luxury car without skimping on quality. In fact, just to show you that we stand behind every job we do, we offer a work guarantee for the first 12 months or 20,000 kilometres. That way, you can always rely on our vehicle servicing to keep you safe on the road.

Are you interested in getting a more affordable Mercedes service on the Central Coast? Give us a call at German Autowerks to schedule an appointment. You can reach us on 02 4393 5111.